Install Mistplay APK, play games, complete missions and earn prizes and rewards. It is a P2E (Play to Earn) app like the Fire Kirn that allows you to spend your gift cards earned from this app at major retail outlets such as Amazon, Google Play, Carrefour and others. Keep it interesting by keeping a streak by playing daily and earn bigger rewards.

Introducing Mistplay APK

In today’s changing world everyone is in search of a virtual platform that not only entertains but also enables players to earn rewards and prizes. Mistplay APK is one such loyalty program app where players can find dozens of games to play, collect units as one play games and redeem those rewards in the form of gift cards, coupons and earn real money. It is an easy to download app and requires you to allow for app permissions to track your progress on the app.

According to the official website of Mistplay, players around the world have earned 60 million dollars in the form of gift cards. It is a legit app where you will play and not feel guilty of wasting time. The more you play the games and spend time on this app the more you will make money. You can also earn bonuses by maintaining a daily streak. However, if you stay inactive for 180 days your points will be removed. You can also get a chance to win grand prizes by participating in weekly or monthly tournaments and events. Finally, to make the experience worth the enjoyment, it has been made ad free.

Important Features of Mistplay APK:

Mist Play APK brings some interesting features that will not only entertain you while playing games but also reward you so that you don’t feel like wasting your time.

• Diversity of games: the platform offers variety of games to enjoy. You can find games of action genre, strategy, role playing, puzzle, simulation, arcade and other casual games.

• Rewards: as you play on the games you will earn units and the more units you collect the bigger reward you will get. Rewards can be in the form of gift cards and coupons. You can earn gift cards for Amazon, Carefour, Paypal, Google Play and more.

• Bonuses: keep your daily streak alive to earn bonuses.

• Grand prizes: it also offers to win grand prizes from time to time. It is launched every week and every month and contestants can win bigger prizes.

• Achievements unlocked: on completion of missions on this platform you will be able to unlock achievement badges. These badges can be redeemed in the form of units and gift cards.

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How to download and install Mistplay APK

• First of, navigate to your device Settings and Privacy.

• Turn on or enable “Unknown Sources”. This is necessary to download third party apps.

• Now, click on the download button or link provided to you on this page.

• Wait for few seconds.

• As soon as download completes, go to your device Files and open Downloads.

• Locate the APK file that you recently downloaded.

• Give necessary permissions and complete installation.

How Mistplay APK works?

• Browse the games that are available in your region and start playing.

• Interact with other players.

• The longer you play the more you will earn.

• Players must allow for permissions in their phone settings so that it tracks progress.

• Maintain a daily streak.

• Participate in weekly and monthly activities to earn grand prizes.

• Share with your friends and family.

Pros and Cons of Mistplay:


• Wide range of captivating games.

• Offers gift cards that can be used in well known places.

• It is an ad-free app.

• All games are free to play.


• It is only available for Android for now.

• The earning potential are limited to gift cards and coupons.

• Your points and units will expire after 180 days of inactivity.

• Some users of certain regions might not have access to certain games.

• Players might face withdrawal delays.

What’s new in the latest version?

• The earning rate is increased by 35 percent.

• Additional 19 gift cards have been added.

• Overall experience has been enhanced.

• Bugs and other issues are fixed.


Mistplay APK is a Play to Earn app where users can earn points and units by playing different games. These units can be redeemed in the form of coupons and gift cards that can be used in famous retail stores such as Amazon, Google Play, Paypal and more. The more you play games and spend time on this app, the more you will warn points and units which in turn make you earn more rewards. You can also interact with other players and do socialisation. It is for now only available on Android but the developers are working to make it available for IOS users too. There are wide range of games and all of them are free to play. Furthermore, to avoid interruptions and distractions all ads are blocked. With just one tap on the link you can get it to play and earn, so what’s the wait?


Q: Is Mistplay APK legit?

A: Yes, it is 100 percent legit and users all over the world have earned over 50 million dollars tills now.

Q: it Mistplay App free?

A: yes, it is totally free and all games on it are also free to play.

Q: where can use the gift cards?

A: it offers gift cards for all the major retails including Carrefour, Amazon, Paypal and Google Play.